Sainsbury's White Chocolate and Strawberry Egg is Dairy-Free

 - Apr 18, 2019
The UK-based supermarket introduces its own White Chocolate and Strawberry easter egg in time for the holiday. The sweet is catered towards those who have a vegan-friendly diet as it has no dairy products in its ingredients. It is also part of its FreeForm range and boasts a captivating pink color.

The brand describes the egg as "flecked and flavored with delicious strawberry pieces, this vegan egg has moreish milkshake flavored taste." The egg is the perfect alternative option to white chocolate and incorporates real strawberries to its mixture -- this is what gives the egg its pink colors. It is also textured with some detailed accents to give it a more appealing look. The packaging also boasts an Easter theme, with colorful visuals of easter eggs and a bunny.