Wheelys' Moby-Store is a Self-driving Retail Space That Comes to You

 - Jun 13, 2017
References: daydec & designboom
You'll never have to debate between getting a late night snack and leaving your house again with Wheely' Moby-store, a self-driving drive-thru that comes to you. Described as the future of shopping, this mobile store is completely solar-powered, but will be driven by human drivers until autonomous vehicles are legalized.

Moby's concept focuses around accommodation and efficiency -- the stores, which operate as convenience stores, grocery stores, coffee shops or mini pharmacies can be ordered to your door through an accompanying smart phone app. Once the store has arrived at your doorstep, you step in, grab what you want, and leave. All purchases are calculated and automatically charged to your phone, eliminating the need for lines, or checkout counters.

Packed with artificial intelligence, the staff-less, self-driving Wheelys' Moby-Store is the shopping experience of the future. Photo Credits: designboom, daydec