This Wealth Management Ad Preaches Systematic Investing

Cavemen take center stage in this wealth management ad by VZ Wealth Management. The ads feature a caveman in a formal looking studios (save for the fact that he is a cave man.)

The tag line for the ads is plays on the idea of a caveman only responding to his instincts. With such limited brain functions, a caveman can't make decisions based on systems of analyzing data or forecasting trends: he simple sees and does. The tag line for this wealth management ad is "Many investors are driven by basic instincts. Time for systematic wealth management."

The caveman campaign has been done before by Geico, but VZ Wealth Management puts a new spin by pitting the competition as cavemen, rather than the customer. The Geico ads said the system was so easy a caveman could figure it out, these ads say the system is too complicated to let cavemen figure it out.