These Casa de Euripedes Ads Remind the Public that Smoking Kills

 - Feb 16, 2013
References: & adsoftheworld
Most people start smoking without thinking about the consequences of doing so, but these Casa de Euripedes act as an important reminder of the negative effects taking place each time you take a puff.

Created by advertising agency Pagú Propaganda in Goiânia, Brazil, the Casa de Euripedes campaign features three different images of lungs made up of things like ice, leaves and bees. A hand appears under each pair of lungs holding a lighter to illustrate how your lungs are basically melting, burning and being irrevocably damaged with each cigarette. The ads are accompanied by the words "Your lungs are more sensitive than you think. Stop smoking."

Simple and direct, these Casa de Euripedes advertisements may not prevent you from lighting up the next time you're craving a cigarette, but they will definitely make you think twice about just how much you're damaging your health when you do.