The 'We All Want to Be Young' Infographic

 - Jul 2, 2013
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The 'We All Want to be Young' Infographic by Ponto EletrĂ´nico compares the influence of youthful Baby Boomers, Generation X and today's Millennials.

Youth are a hugely influential group of any generation, especially the large number of Baby Boomers that were born after the World War II. In their time, these youngsters were huge driving forces behind political protests for equality and ecological issues.

Young members of any population are integral for challenging the status quo and being agents of change. Today's Millennials are more connected and creative than ever before. Their hyper-connectivity on the Internet and social media helps them to share and instantly interact with influencers who also have an online presence. As this infographic demonstrates, Millennials wield a covetable amount of power.