Kraft Heinz Makes People "Want to Fork" Its New Product 'Devour'

 - Aug 6, 2016
References: adweek & adsoftheworld
'Food You Want to Fork' is the slogan to Kraft Heinz's 'Pool Boy' ad. The provocative but comedic bit plays on the concept of infidelity to promote its new brand of frozen meals called 'Devour.' The characters are reminiscent of those 'rich house wife' type shows but unlike most TV dramas, the husband in this situation isn't upset about the talk happening between the pool boy and his wife. What he's really mad about is that the young half-naked man is chowing down on his Devour meal. The commercial then ends with the words 'Food You Want to Fork' before introducing Kraft Heinz's new product.

The sensual and comedic ad is definitely targeting young Millennial American men. The commercial appeals to their supposed manly and ravenous side while using humor to sell the company's product.