Viktoria Gavrilenko Renders Women in Luminous Flowing Gowns

Illustrating detailed clothing can be a nightmare for amateur artists, but Viktoria Gavrilenko doesn’t only excel at rendering the folds and creases of elegant nightdresses, she fabricates her own complex brand of evening attire. With floral accents and layered ruffles, each one of Gavrilenko’s garments look as though they belong on prom queens and Oscar night movie stars. And the women she illustrates aren’t bad looking either.

Viktoria Gavrilenko is a Sweden-based artist whose technical prowess with digital tools is remarkable. One commonality among the fancy attire she often renders is their lack of straps. She opts for the sweetheart dress-look most of the time, and though some viewers may interpret this as a fashion preference, it’s more likely that Gavrilenko illustrates her outfits this way to show off the delicate and beautiful necks of her female subjects.