From Facial-Haired Frames to Antique Lingerie Fashion

 - Aug 26, 2012
As the hipster trend has risen and evolved, so have kitschy Urban Outfitters looks. Popular among the young, the retro-loving and the eternally hipster, Urban Outfitters has defined itself by the strange, wacky and simply odd things they sell in stores.

While they often sell basics, Urban Outfitters is seen as cutting-edge, and offers the latest looks in a street-chic style. The back-to-school crowd will inevitably be hitting up the store for some great looks.

While Urban Outfitters has definitively grown in popularity over the past few years, the company has also been criticized for its lack of sensitivity and suspected political alliances. Over the years, it has gained attention for a shirt that was pro-anorexia, stirred up controversy for political donations that were given to an anti-gay cause and been criticized for fashions that offended the Native American community.