Amirul Hafiz Toughens the Mario Party in This Video Game Crossover

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: amirulhafiz.deviantart &
This video game crossover from Amirul Hafiz's deviantART profile gives the Mario gang a little more street cred. Amirul takes the iconic Super Mario Bros. characters and depicts them if they had been part of the largely popular Grand Theft Auto.

The artwork from Grand Theft Auto is known for its taboo and provocative style. By crossing this attitude with the playful nature of Super Mario, Amirul has created a humorous mash-up of two legendary video game titles.

Depicted in the video game crossover among others is Mario and Luigi, Bowser and Sonic. The adaptation of Sonic was done exceptionally well. In the video games, Sonic is a blue hedgehog. Amirul anthropomorphises him with a human character that has blue modern fashion which includes an animal eared hat.