Japan's UNITED ARROWS Joined with adidas to Make Retro Sportswear

Although velour tracksuits haven't really been around since the late 1970s, or when Juicy Couture was a fashion staple for many, UNITED ARROWS and adidas seem to be bringing them back in a limited-edition release.

In order to get the design, the two considered the look of a pair of Stan Smith sneakers that carry a retro theme. Taking the same brown and gold colorway that marks bits up the upper, UNITED ARROWS and adidas transformed it into a velour tracksuit to match.

Given the surge in vintage fashion comebacks as of late, especially in terms of athletic-minded streetwear, it's likely that consumers will have an appreciation for the deliciously old-school velour tracksuit. In order to get one, consumers can head over to a UNITED ARROWS store or pick one up online.