At fresh&co, Roma Tomatoes are Used as an Alternative to Fish in Veggie Sushi

 - Oct 22, 2016
References: freshandco & psfk
There are plenty of places for vegans and vegetarians to find plant-based veggie sushi, but NYC's 'fresh&co' is becoming a destination for the dish because of its inventive use of a familiar produce ingredient—Roma tomatoes.

Mushrooms, eggplant, jackfruit and tofu are just some of the plant-based sources that are often used as meat substitutes, but fresh&co specifically selects tomatoes because of their rich umami and ability to serve as a stand-in for bluefin tuna. Roma tomatoes are now integrated as a meat alternative in fresh&co's Tomato Sushi Wrap, Poke Side Salad, Yuzu Bowl and the Aloha Salad.

In response to the use of tomatoes as a meat alternative, fresh&co says: "The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive not only from the vegan community but from foodies looking for new, innovative foods in the market."