These Homemade Pastry Rings are Topped with Pecans and Maple

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: sheknows & sheknows
These homemade vanilla donuts are an ideal treat to make for those looking for a nutritious sweet to snack on. These donuts are baked rather than fried and made with healthy and wholesome ingredients that are much better substitutes to sugary and fat-heavy foods making these donuts guilt-free.

The donuts offer a much lighter alternative to deep fried baked goods without compromising on taste. The dough is made from almond and whole wheat flour opting for less processed and refined ingredients topped with Greek yogurt, vanilla, eggs and agave. The pastries are then baked in a cake pan to achieve a dense and moist cake dough. To add an extra kick of sweetness, the donuts can then be topped with a vanilla cream cheese glaze made from light cream cheese, cream, powdered sugar and pecans.