'Userfeel' Gives Designers Quick and Easy User Testing

 - May 11, 2018
References: userfeel & producthunt
With the proliferation of online interactions in the world, user experience is more important than it's ever been in the past, and 'Userfeel' is a UX and UI service that helps designers to understand the real reasoning behind the decisions that users make on their sites. Userfeel provides remote user testing in which real-world users vocalize and elaborate on their logic behind their usage live, giving designers concrete data that are simultaneously quantitative and qualitative.

Userfeel has a suite of testers that it uses to provide site analyses. To be sure, these testers are just normal users, and Userfeel attracts them by offering $10 per test that they carry out. The tests are available for all types of devices, from mobile to tablet to desktop.