This Unique Prosthetic is Artistically Modified to be a Tattoo Machine

 - Jul 5, 2016
References: thedailybeast
JC Sheitan Tenet's unique prosthetic is quite possibly the first of it's kind. Designed by JL Gonzal, a French artist, Tenet's prosthetic arm is actually a tattoo machine. JL Gonzal developed the tattoo machine arm by modifying a pre-existing prosthetic with parts from a typewriter, manometer, and different pipes.

While Tenet had no problem using the tattoo machine prosthesis, it may be some time before an arm like this is available to the public. The design is currently an exhibition prototype and while it is completely functional and usable, it is still not practical for regular use according to Tenet.

We will have to wait on a new development but this is still revolutionary in the world of prosthetic parts. Each innovation is a step closer to providing a healthy and full life regardless of one's disabilities.