'Uber Feed' Brings a Host of Custom Features to the App

 - Nov 3, 2016
References: wired
Uber has turned the world of public transportation on its head thanks to its streamlining of the rideshare process, but the company's new feature, Uber Feed, shows how impressive the tech behind the service can be. Uber Feed is an customized in-app experience that runs during the course of one's ride, offering a host of intelligent and convenient features.

While there are millions of Uber users around the world, most of those users only actually interact with the app to order a ride. During the ride itself, Uber goes neglected. To solve that inefficiency, Uber Feed is a personalized system that cooperates with other established online brands from directly within the app.

For instance, if one's destination is a restaurant, Uber Feed will automatically pull up Yelp photos and reviews for the establishment. Or if a rider wants to order food on their way home from work, they can order Uber Eats directly through the feed and coordinate it for their arrival time.