The Typographic Video Series by Oded Ezer Shows Sensory Experiences

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: odedezer & designboom
Oded Ezer's 'Memory Palace' is a typographic video currently on show at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The graphic designer and typographer has created eight unusual videos centered around typography to tell a story about memory.

Each video communicates a fragmented memory based upon the Hari Kunzru’s novella about a futuristic, dystopian London where memory and knowlege have been eradicated by a magnetic storm. In this imagined society, writing, collecting and creating art are crimes.

Ezer's series of videos communicate the protagonist's story as he attempts to piece together memories of the world that once was. Stills from the videos communicate these fragments of memory through sensory experiences like tasting letters and trying to piece back together broken letters of the alphabet. As memories are intrinsically linked to the senses, this is an interesting way to approach the concept of stored thoughts.

Photo Credits: designboom, odedezer