My Name is Wendy Gets Wildly Creative with Alphabet Freaks

 - Jun 1, 2013
References: & kastormag
French design studio My Name is Wendy has come out with a series of letters entitled Alphabet Freaks, a term which encompasses the strange and wild designs that give each of these letters their own quirky identities and personalities.

Like feral animals that cannot be tamed, the designs withing this font originated almost organically, allowing for the designers to experiment and truly express themselves within the loose confines of the alphabet. Ocular shapes embedded withing the intricate patterns give the letters the look of wary creatures so that it becomes easy to imagine them taking on the forms of various wild critters and coming to life.

By creating the Alphabet Freaks typography, the My Name is Wendy design studio has actually created a whole jungle of strange and unusual lifeforms.