This Traditional Turkish Drink is Made from Yogurt and Salt

 - Mar 1, 2016
Ayran is a traditional Turkish drink with a distinctly savory flavor. While the drink is served fresh in many Turkish homes and restaurants, consumers can also purchase the product in the form of a convenient one liter bottle.

Ayran by Pinar is a pre-mixed yogurt drink packaged in a drinkable bottle. The beverage itself is comprised of real yogurt that has been diluted with ice water and then infused with salt. Despite the addition of yogurt, the traditional Turkish drink has a savory taste that is somewhat similar to lassi. The drink is meant to be served cold, making it a perfect accompaniment to savory dishes such as grilled meat or rice.

Already popular in many Middle Eastern countries, Ayran is likely to appeal to consumers who enjoy exotic flavors with a more savory flavor profile.