The Turbo FLR E-Bike Features High-Tech Headlights, Display and Battery

 - Apr 4, 2016
References: specialized & cnet
The Turbo FLR is a high-tech yet affordable e-bike that is fitted with an array of smart technologies and engineering upgrades that make riding safer, quicker and more fun.

The Turbo FLR e-bike is powered by a custom motor that allows you to access smooth yet powerful acceleration, ideal if you want to kick things up a notch on long rides. While you're riding along, you can make use of the Turbo Clean Cockpit display, which uses an illuminated screen to help you monitor your bike's features. Meanwhile, you can also make use of regenerative braking to help save battery. Finally, this e-bike comes fitted with a Herrmans H-Flow headlight which works exceptionally well in all weather conditions, ensuring that you can see and can be seen by other motorists.

Ultimately, the Turbo FLR e-bike is a fine example of smart bike technology integrated in a clean and streamlined manner so as to make the resulting bike both easy to use and affordable.