Tulum Treehouse is Surrounded by Tropical Foliage

 - Sep 6, 2017
References: dezeen
Tulum Treehouse, a new guest house built on the Mexican resort of the same name, is hidden among the tropical foliage that surrounds the area. The house is significantly different from its surroundings, featuring a white concrete facade as well as dark wood finishings of a different color than the surrounding environment, but it still manages to blend into the environment thanks to the sheer density of the flora around it.

Tulum Treehouse is in the middle of a dense mangrove forest. Its upper storey is obscured by tall palm trees above — even though the guest home is raised up on stilts.

Though subtle in the forest, the home is lavish. It features elegant furnishings made from raw wood as well as ample windows to let in natural light.