Lil Dicky Helped to Write This Comical Commercial for Trojan Condoms

 - Aug 28, 2016
References: trojan & adweek
Lil Dicky, an eccentric rapper who was formerly a professional copywriter, worked with Trojan condoms to create a commercial that considers the importance of using contraceptive during intimate interactions -- as well as to promote the sensation granted from the brand's new 'BareSkin' products.

The ad plays on a cliche often depicted in romantic films and TV shows -- a couple so enthralled with one another that they get home and throw everything over in the heat of the moment.

When Lil Dicky's girlfriend does this however and says that he doesn't need a condom, he stops and lectures her about the fact that using the Trojan condom would prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STDs. During this, he also considers how irritating it is that she's knocked over everything on his desk, which he claims he had previously alphabetized.