'Tradizione, Costruzione' Explores Edible Design's Potential

 - Dec 11, 2013
References: gemmatickle & yatzer
True creativity goes beyond exercising one's imagination with the the standard tools at hand, but it extends to the inventive quality that looks for new tools with which to work. 'Tradizione, Costruzione' is a playful project that presents architectural models made from unexpected materials.

Gemma Tickle decided to see what surprising forms she could create with the unconventional use of Italian food. Assembling various types of dry pasta, she has produced several small-scale versions of building features. Great handfuls of hard spaghetti sticks were bunched together and arranged horizontally in stacks to form flat steps for a mini stairway. Penne has been piled up to produce a tiny tower and rigatoni has been arranged in a fishbone pattern to imitate tiled or hardwood flooring. 'Tradizione, Costruzione' was complete with these photographs taken by Aaron Tilley.