Totuma Used Round Fruits to Mimic Breasts in this Cancer Awareness Ad

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: thisiscolossal & designtaxi
Communication and design studio Totuma created this empowering breast cancer awareness short. The commercial urges women who have been through the mastectomy process to embrace the scars with pride and courage.

The ad begins with two side-by-side lemons to resemble breasts. Every few seconds the scene changes to another pair of fruits or round objects. Eventually, the commercial begins disrupting one of the objects. For example, a watermelon gets smashed or a light bulb breaks. The commercial ends with a few scenes of women holding the fruits against their chests. Slowly, one fruit is lowered to reveal a mastectomy scar, which represents the woman's journey.

This powerful ad by Totuma shows women that scars are beautiful. Using the fruit as a metaphor helps the women and those affected by breast cancer to understand the process with this visually uplifting short.