Hajnal Nemet Creates a Unique Art Exhibit That Totals a BMW

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: facebook & crash-passiveinterview.c3.hu
A totaled BMW is on exhibit at the Hungarian Pavillion at the 54th Venice Art Biennale. Hajnal Nemeth’s experimental-multimedia-lyric-art-installation entitled 'Crash -- Passive Interview.' The exhibit includes a trashed BMW, a 12 act video projection and the exposition of the librettos that accompany the piece.

Nemeth’s installation chants about real car accidents (including the totaled BMW in exposition) as if the crash participants were interviewed. The opera personifies cars and driving in general to point out our strong emotional relationship with them -- how they became fetish-like objects.

The message is expressed in the most astonishing way. The interviewed accident survivors of the video chant their responses on a bridge, by a road and in a car and the tunes are based on disharmonic ambient noises.

Don’t miss this truly unique piece of multimedia-contaminated art by Hajnal Nemeth!