Los Angeles' PYT Serves Tonburi as an Alternative to Roe

 - Dec 22, 2017
References: pytlosangeles & foodandwine
PYT is a vegetable-centric restaurant in Los Angeles that is now serving all-vegan caviar as an alternative to fish eggs.

In place of authentic caviar, PYT's caviar service focuses on tonburi, which is also sometimes called "land caviar" or mountain caviar." In looks, the dried seed of the summer cypress tree resembles real caviar, but it does away with all of the animals involved in the process. As far as taste goes, tonburi is said to be earthy and quite like the classic sturgeon caviar.

The new vegan caviar service was launched following at PYT following the introduction of a started sturgeon caviar service. Since the restaurant prides itself on its plant-based eats, this option for vegans and vegetarians offers a new way for all to indulge. The tonburi is served with corn and Sonora red blinis made from local heritage organic grains, plus potato chips, a cashew cream, chives, pickles and capers to complete the tasting experience.