‘To Be the Best' by Tenacious D Has Announced Their Return

‘To Be the Best’ by Tenacious D has officially announced their return to the former position as the two kings. This video has been released six years after the band’s last project ‘The Pick of Destiny’ failed to bring in the box office money despite its level of awesomeness.

The video shows exactly what Tenacious D has been doing for six years and it isn’t pretty. Kyle G. went crazy and had to be committed to a mental institution while Jack Black became obsessed with trying to become famous to feel better about himself. Luckily Kyle G. broke out of the mental institution and reunited with Black and the two have recorded their new album.

To Be the Best by Tenacious D will be featured on the band’s soon to be released album ‘Rise of the Fenix,’ which comes out May 15, 2012.