Paramount's "The Tunnel" is Set to Premiere on BitTorrent

 - Mar 19, 2011
References: & fastcompany
"The Tunnel" is a new horror movie from Paramount pictures set to make its debut on the file-sharing application BitTorrent. BitTorrent and other file-sharing sites are currently the bane of Hollywood, as they offer a place for people to download almost any movie ever made for free.

"The Tunnel" is an Australian horror movie set in the abandoned subway tunnels of Sydney. Releasing "The Tunnel" on BitTorrent may sound like a terrible move from a business standpoint, but Paramount actually has a couple of cards up its sleeve.

The version of "The Tunnel" released on BitTorrent is a lean version when compared to the DVD version, which is set to be released simultaneously. The DVD version contains hours of behind-the-scenes footage and an alternate editing.

Paramount is taking a risk here trying to promote a straight-to-DVD horror flick with a free release online. I could see "The Tunnel" either netting no money in DVD sales or becoming a groundbreaking achievement in movie marketing. Only time will tell.