The Single Malt Fund Places all Investments on the Liquor Itself

 - Jan 30, 2018
References: hiconsumption & thedrinksbusiness
The Single Malt Fund is the first whiskey investment fund that invests in the liquor itself. Launched by Swedish entrepreneur Christian Svantesson, this new whiskey fund gives investors the opportunity to own small parts of rare and limited-edition whisky collections. Unlike other funds that invest in companies, The Single Malt Fund puts value on the liquor and not the distillery or company producing and selling the product. Those looking to invest in the fund will be placing money up against the fund's large collection of ultra-rare whiskies. The fund currently requires a starting investment cost of €1,000 EUR or $1,230 USD.

The stock of whiskies in the fund will be selected by five portfolio mangers, each of which have close relationships with top distilleries. Investors in the fund will also be able to purchase single bottles from The Single Malt Fund's online inventory. This fund comes at a pivotal time for whiskies as the return on rare bottles has been roughly 25% in recent years. Furthermore, the value on the 100 most valuable whiskies have gone up 447% in value since 2010. The Single Malt Fund will be listed on the Nordic Growth Market in March of 2018 and will be liquidated after six years.