The Pokémon Musical by AVbyte is All About Childhood Dreams

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: youtube
The Pokemon Musical by YouTube user AVbyte features Ash, Misty, a young, potential pokémaster and a few pokémon. The musical will take you through the exciting story of what the fictional world is like and the believably dressed and voiced actors do a great job at selling it to the young boy.

This fun video would definitely catch the attention of children and would bring fond memories to young adults who grew up on the animé television series. The high-contrast video was filmed similar to how scenes are illustrated in animé cartoons, which adds to this nostalgic feeling.

The Pokemon Musical will take you on a journey through different outdoor places, as if you were on a mission to catch your very first pokémon. This creative tribute to a current classic show combines music, cosplay, excellent videography skills and a willing suspension of disbelief.