'The Krane' is a Luxury Private Retreat on the Copenhagen Waterfront

 - Aug 2, 2017
References: archdaily
The Copenhagen waterfront is one of the Danish capital's most attractive features, and 'The Krane' is a new private experience that potentially offers the best views of the pier in the entire city. As its name suggests, the rooms in The Krane are built into an out of commission coal crane directly at the water's edge in a former industrial region of Copenhagen.

The Krane comprises three rooms in total. On the ground floor is a reception area, in the middle section there's a small board room, and the crane cockpit itself is where the living amenities are housed. That cockpit is covered in windows, offering plentiful natural light and spectacular vistas of the surrounding sea. The luxury retreat has a uniform black aesthetic, which is a tribute to the structure's history as a tool for the coal industry.