Actual Sarah Palin Quotes Frighten You Into Voting

 - Oct 31, 2008
References: coloribus & trendhunter
Thanks to the viral Tina Fey and Obama Girl parodies, Sarah Palin must be the most parodied person of this past decade. Now, Palin is being used as a scarevertising technique to get you to vote, simply by showing her political talent (or lack thereof).

The ad is a collaborative effort clip by Goodby Silverstein & Partners with Biscuit Filmworks and director Clay Weiner joining forces for ‘Oh Palin’, a clip of the very best of Sarah Palin.

Timothy Plain edited news footage of Sarah Palin’s ‘greatest moments’ with world leaders with a model portraying Sarah Palin. However, all the audio clips are authentic and real.

I will not spoil the fun for you, just watch the clip.

The clip was made with creative director Jamie Barrett, copywriters Sarah Palin, Jamie Barrett, Craig Mangan, and Rafi Kugler.