From Comedian Rap Cameos to Political SNL Parodies

 - Aug 21, 2012
These Tina Fey finds are just about the epitome of clever, captivating and charming all at once. As Liz Lemon, Fey encompasses the self-deprecating heroine that charms us with her ability to say the wrong thing and make any situation worse. As Sarah Palin, Fey is able to allow us to suspend our belief and see her as the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee alongside John McCain and revel in her moronic sayings.

The ultimate comedic chameleon, Fey has worked comedy, TV and film to great success. Her screenplay and appearance of ‘Mean Girls’ was legendary and provided endless material to quote in that valley girl voice the leads take on. Starring in the box office hit ‘Date Night’ alongside fellow comedian Steve Carell was simply pure, unadulterated awesome and proves Fey’s ability to transcend the small screen.