'The Daily Mixer' Removes Bias by Hiding the Sources for News Articles

 - Nov 1, 2016
References: thedailymixer & lifehacker
While it's impossible to avoid bias in the news media, The Daily Mixer offers a way for people to challenge their own biases. The news aggregator collects articles from over a dozen respected news outlets across the political spectrum, but it hides which source wrote which article, forcing people to read based on interest rather than bias.

The US presidential election has turned many people into news junkies. However, people tend to read from the sources that best echo their own viewpoints. While such a tendency is only natural, it means that a large portion of people never even hear out the arguments of the opposing side. The Daily Mixer shows a headline and unadorned text when users read an article -- the only way to find the source is to click the link at the very bottom. This encourages more balanced reading.