These Boxes Have a Music Code for Users to Listen to While Brewing Tea

 - Sep 12, 2015
References: & foodproductiondaily
Pollard Boxes partnered with Bernadine Tay to create these unique tea timing packages that allow for the perfect tea to be brewed, depending on the length of each song. The boxes contain a musical QR code that users can scan and listen to while the tea is brewing. When the music stops the tea is ready.

This creative idea brings a melodic theme to the act of making a warm and delicious drink. Through the use of music, tea lovers will be able to enjoy the wait while their brew is being perfected. This tea timing packaging combines numerous sensory influences such as smell, taste and scent.

In addition, the box labels are a treat for the visual senses. Each box is decorated with a colorful smoke-like explosion that mimics the image of tea being dispersed into the water. Each smoky cloud draws in the consumer with the bright and welcoming colors.