TANGRAMMAR by Sjef Van Gaalen Simplifies Animals and Nature

 - May 15, 2014
References: society6 & sjef.nu
Inspired by the shapes in the Chinese tangram game, artist Sjef van Gaalen developed the 'TANGRAMMAR' series, simplifying animals, elements from nature, objects and characters into basic geometric forms. Using squares, parallelograms and triangles, it's amazing that the essence of a peacock, fox, chicken or a horse can be communicated so effectively. Although there's some abstraction going on, the animals are still fairly recognizable, since there are a number of familiar textures that are used.

The shapes that make up people like the Queen in the TANGRAMMAR series are stacked one on top of another and even resemble chess pieces.

The TANGRAMMAR prints are presented as single posters and Sjef van Gaalen has made each available as prints, mugs totes and phone case designs on Society6.