Table Games Code Breaker is a Fun Drinking Game

 - Mar 3, 2014
References: tm-products & tm-products
Table Games Code Breaker is a great way to enjoy some drinks while lounging around with friends or pre-drinking. The revised and expanded coaster game provides fun and entertainment to any conversation that may be lacking a little excitement and encouragement.

Two players can crack cryptographic codes with a beer or mixed drink/soft drink in a friendly way. You don't need to be an alcohol connoisseur of any kind to enjoy playing this game. Tables Games Code Breaker has the first player define a code and the second player tries to crack the code with brains and logic. The trick is you need to crack the code in the fewest amount of steps.

This could be a great game for you and your roommate to play before a night out or on a Sunday evening when you have nothing better to do and are trying to avoid studying. I know this would have been a great pre-drinking game for when I was at school.