This Series of South Patagonia's Landscapes is Majestic

 - Mar 9, 2014
References: reubenwu & featureshoot
This surreal landscape photography series actually looks more like fine art than what it really is: South Patagonia's majestic landscapes.

The surreal landscape photography series 'Ultima Esperanza' by British photographer and nomadic traveler Reuben Wu was shot using long exposures and outdated film, which gives the landscape a whimsically supernatural feel.

Having photographed the whole series while on a four-day hiking trip on the W trek that leads to the Grey Glacier in Southern Chilean Patagonia, the adventurous photographer recorded landscapes so ethereal and dreamy that they look fairy tale-like.

"When I left the security of the earth and stepped out onto this eerie blue expanse, I found that my sense of light, scale and time had been taken away. There was nothing familiar in the landscape to recognize," says Wu.