'Supermedium' is a Browser for Web-Based Virtual Reality Content

 - Feb 7, 2018
References: supermedium & roadtovr
'Supermedium' is an all-new fully VR browser that aims to serve as a fast-loading solution for web-based virtual reality experiences.

While there are a number of virtual reality browsers that have been created prior to Supermedium, many of them may be used to access 2D webpages—but Supermedium supports only fully VR sites. As such, only a curated selection of WebVR sites may be accessed through the all-new browser, although the browsers creators promise "dozens of sites today, millions tomorrow." The team behind Supermedium notes that VR sites of the future may take the form of everything from games to small stores, wedding pages or educational virtual experiences.

Presently, Supermedium makes it possible for users to explore a range of experiences, such as the Grid of Cylinders by iq and the Musical Forest by Google.