The Man-Spider Baptism by Marussiac is Intriguing

 - Nov 2, 2011
References: marussiac.cultcode
The Man-Spider Baptism by Marussiac is intriguing and original.

In today's society, many are living in a world of modern communications where movie stars play a huge presence. The Man-Spider Baptism by Marussiac installation questions whether these pop culture icons play a religious role in one's life, and whether or not they will remain relevant in the future. Considering how present these pop culture icons are in contemporary life, Marussiac questions whether these individuals can be baptized. He plays with this idea as he presents the legendary Spiderman bathing in a pool full of colorful balls.

To some, this installation may seem trivial, but Marussiac uses this artwork to question certain values of society, and compare the present with the past.