The 'Spatial Bodies' Short Film Imagines a Bizarre City Skyline

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: aujik & sploid.gizmodo
'Spatial Bodies' is a short film that takes the rules of architecture -- and the rules of physics in general -- and throws them out the (horizontal) window. The film depicts a wonky version of Osaka, Japan in which buildings and roads curve, bend and grow like gnarled tree roots.

While the exact shapes and movements in the short film by AUJIK, a mysterious "cult" art group, are virtually impossible in real life, it nonetheless inspires a merger between nature and urban development. The initial panorama is drab, dark and creepy, however green space and welcoming curves emerge toward the end, suggesting a hopeful future for urban planners.

Regardless of whether 'Spatial Bodies' is an attainable vision, it provides an impetus to focus on nature when building man-made structures.