Spa Nederlands Created a Camera with a Lens Made from Its Water

 - Jun 20, 2017
References: youtube & digitaltrends
Water is the archetype of purity, and Spa Nederlands, a Dutch water company, has put together an experiment to creatively demonstrate just how pure its filtered water really is. The company hired Robin de Puy, a professional photographer, to capture a series of images using a camera with a lens made of water rather than glass.

Though a water lens is technologically difficult to engineer, water offers some natural characteristics that help the effort. Thanks to fluid mechanics, water droplets naturally form convex shapes that are perfect for focusing light in the same way as glass lenses. Thus, by applying a water droplet to a repellent glass plate and using electric currents to adjust the shape of the drop, Spa Nederlands was able to provide de Puy with a fully functional, focusing camera that shoots images through a drop of its water.