Pinuccio Sciola's 'Sound Stones' Produce Eerie Tones from Solid Rock

 - Oct 5, 2016
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Rather than creating instruments from wood or brass, Pinuccio Sciola's 'Sound Stones' are massive pieces of rock that the Italian sculptor transforms into hauntingly beautiful musical implements. When played by a knowledgeable performer, the Sound Stones have timbres that range from horns and woodwinds on the more conventional side to even synthesizers and voices.

Sciola releases the harmonic and melodic qualities from these inert pieces of rock by carving precise geometric grids deep into their faces. When friction is applied to these grids, it creates an effect in which the individual shapes resonate off of one another and create unexpected sounds. The particular sonic quality of any Sound Stone depends on the size of the grid, the size of the stone, and the type of rock that it is made out of.