A.L.X. Architects Created Sorte Apartments in Tokyo, Japan

 - Mar 14, 2010   Updated: Jul 4 2011
References: xain.jp & mocoloco
This apartment building in Tokyo, Japan has a differently designed facade on every side. The multi-angled architecture creates a unique impression from every perspective. The designers behind the creation of the Sorte Apartments are with A.L.X. Architects.

The Tokyo-based company created a stark white interior in the Sorte Apartments. While walls and glass meet in sometimes awkward, sometimes graceful ways, the simple palate keeps the design from being overwhelming.

Implications - Multi-visual products or architectural designs capture viewers' attention as they are visually appealing from a variety of angles. Businesses can benefit from creating products like this angular apartment, as consumers are frequently photographing products in a paparazzi-style way that shows off all angles.