The 'Surfety' Soft Helmet Can be Used in a Variety of Ways

 - Jan 7, 2017
References: yankodesign
Utilizing a helmet is of paramount importance to ensuring that you stay protected at all times when performing in sports or other activities, so the 'Surfety' soft helmet is designed to be a great alternative to hardshell varieties.

Designed by Camille Morelle, the 'Surfety' helmet is crafted using GForm material that allows it to be lightweight in design and capable of withstanding hard impacts. While other helmet designs will simply protect the top portion of the head, the 'Surfety' helmet works by featuring a design that fits over the entire cranium and face. This helps to make sure that the helmet will protect more space on the head as well as provide better retention when impact is sustained.

The 'Surfety' soft helmet is great for a variety of sports, but shows particularly strong promise for avid surfers.