The Socialnomics 'Social Media Revolution 3' Video Tells All

The newest Socialnomics 'Social Media Revolution 3' video describes just how much of an impact social media is having on contemporary society. With YouTube, Twitter and Facebook dominating the online environment, people can't help but be affected by these dramatic changes.

A few quick facts from the video go as follows: 95% of companies recruit using LinkedIn, Facebook has the number one online traffic per day surpassing Google, and Over 50% of the world's population is under 30 and using social media to communicate. These are just a few facts that demonstrate how significant these developments are on the way people now interact and operate. Now those are some serious facts.

Implications - Businesses must be aware of this changing social climate and respond accordingly. In order to keep up with the social media revolution, marketing, products and company tactics must adjust to fit these transformations.