Social Hour Jeremy Gutsche

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: twit
As we enter the year 2012, many are looking back on the highs and lows of the past year excited for what the future brings. As a known authority on trends and innovation, Our Chief Trend Hunter Jeremy Gutsche visited Amber Mac and Sarah Lane of TwitTV's 'The Social Hour' to give a trend forecast for 2012.


The beginning of this decade marked the mainstream introduction into social media, placing convenience and ease of use as top tech priorities. In 2012, social media does more than just digitally translate real-life experiences; it makes them better, faster and all around more interesting. In Gutsche's words, "This year you're going to see things cranked to a whole new level," with examples seen in Trend Hunter's PRO trends such as Digital Eating and Virtual Fashion.

Even Trend Hunter serves as an example, with new products and features such as and the new Trend Hunter Platform/2012 Trend Reports adding an extra level of education, interaction and gamification to the site. is Trend Hunter's sister site focused on social businesses; it harnesses the power of online media to make a difference within today's most important social issues. Platform is a set of tools that customizes the Trend Hunter experience for entrepreneurs and professional innovators, allowing each user to track patterns in their market.