Fix & Fogg's Smoke and Fire Peanut Butter Uses Manuka Smoke and Chillies

 - Jul 10, 2018
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Fix & Fogg is a New Zealand company producing a variety of all-natural vegan nut butters, including a Smoke and Fire Peanut Butter. Fusing Spanish smoked paprika, organic chillies from Kataia Fire, Argentinian hi-oleic peanuts and natural Manuka smoke, the Smoke and Fire variety is a unique combination of bold flavors that is sure to delight peanut butter lovers looking for something new.

While handmade in New Zealand, Fix & Fogg operates an Amazon store that makes it easy for global foodies to get their hands on a jar for themselves. The Smoke and Fire Peanut Butter from Fix & Fogg boasts reusable packaging, a glass jar contained inside a sleek paper canister.

Image Credit: Fix & Fogg