The 'Sense' Smart Home Assistant Reacts to Your Presence and Preferences

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
With so many connected products in the home, new ways to control them all efficiently are becoming more important as with the 'Sense' Smart Home Assistant. The 'Sense' assistant runs Silk, which is a new platform that is specially designed for connected technology to enable local processing and deep learning capabilities. As such, 'Sense' can act as the eyes, ears and brains of the home it is placed within.

When the 'Sense' Smart Home Assistant detects your presence, it will respond accordingly with predetermined actions or settings. Being that the device can understand your voice and gestures, the 'Sense' device will learn your preferences and have your devices follow its lead.

The 'Sense' assistant is currently funding on Kickstarter where the device has already reached over $120k in funding.