Belly Restaurant's Smart Branding Identity is Direct and Fun

 - Mar 3, 2014
References: cindytm & thedsgnblog
Using the most basic of ideas when it comes to food, the fictional Belly Restaurant went for the most literal thing possible when it came to deciding on a theme for this super smart branding identity.

Though unappetizing when you think of it, creator and designer Cinty T. Mai was able to portray her smart branding identity of guts and intestines in a surprisingly delicate and floral way. The California-based graphic designer has a unique approach when it comes to her design philosophy: she makes sure her work is well-researched, intuitive, articulated, visually appealing and most importantly, it should make people feel uncomfortable in a good way.

"The establishment was named "Belly" because so much of this dining experience depends on the belly— one feeds his/her belly, one feeds on bellies, desire originates from the gut, and guts are required to experiment with nose-to-tail eating," says Mai.