Thompson Travel Group Created This Endearing Simon the Ogre Ad

 - Jan 16, 2014
References: youtube & mightymega
The Thompson travel group created this sweet commercial entitled Simon the Ogre. The TV spot shows an overworked family man, whose stress and frustration at work are shown by making him a large imposing ogre who unsettles people.

Simon the Ogre decides to take a break from his busy business life and takes his family on vacation somewhere warm and with a sandy beach. Simon's ogre features literally start to crumble as he starts to loosen up and enjoy himself and lets the stress of life dissipate. By the end of the commercial, Simon the Ogre has jumped in the ocean and comes out completely human again.

This commercial promotes travel and vacationing as something that brings families together and lifts spirits, turning individuals from overworked and over-stressed ogres to happy, loving parents again.